The Violin

The smallest of the string instruments, the violin has the highest, brightest sound.  The violin often plays the melody.

The Viola

Only slightly bigger than the violin, the viola has a smoother, more mellow tone.  The viola sometimes shares the melody but more often provides much needed rich harmonies.  

The Cello

The cello is the third- largest string instrument with the unique ability to play both low and higher sounds.  After the violin, the cello is next in line when it comes to playing the melody,  however, cellos also often get to enjoy playing the foundation.

The Bass

The largest of the string instruments, the bass has the lowest sounds of the orchestra. However, the bass is capable of playing the entire range of any of the above-listed instruments.  While basses mainly provide the foundation for music, a bass also has the ability to play any melody.  An added bonus with bass is playing jazz, rock, pop, etc.

The Harp

The harp is not taught for beginners in Prosper ISD, but we do have one in our orchestra! The harp has 47 strings, covering roughly six and a half octaves. Its strings are plucked, not bowed, to produce a rich and resonant tone.

Instruments of the String Orchestra Cove